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Miloš Bielik

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Experienced Java warrior with an ancient history of working in the IT services. Also skilled in C++, Linux , Hibernate, JS/jQuery, and databases, of course. Professional with a Engineer’s degree in Informatics @ Faculty of Electrical engineering in Slovak Technical University (FEI STU).

With an interest in the latest trends in dev/programming, I enjoy good literature and nature. I am interested in the universe, I always like to read something new about quantum physics.

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Human lire dolar sut euro, constiule leguan alit. Homnem amen libre boka at porta sut temporare acid is. Donor ubre e nova principal. Yutre dobro nase litera u nas.


Books, books, more books. Ecommerce bookstore with new books.

Java (2000 - forever)

Omen nomen Java lang forever. Object oriented programming.


Company locus i tema! Graal o sitel technology te public latio pelegrame.

KYBEROS (2001 - 2009)

Onen porta sit amet lacus et tempor. Donec dolor lorem, lobortis eu debilio.


Work will say more about my skullset...

Still good
Java Coding 99%
Graphics Design 81%
Linux 75%
Singing 49%
Dancing 29%